The Simpsons family flying private

by | Oct 17, 2004

After serving many years for the Royal Australian Air Force, 5 Falcon 900 were about to change owner.

But before being delivered to their new owners, all of them were supposed to go through a complete refitting at Garrett Aviation Services facilities in Springfield, Illinois.

Springfield… Does this ring a bell to you ? Well, it certainly did to us !

When the time came of painting those aircraft in white livery for their ferry flight, the australian engineers so much liked the new destination of their “babies” that they painted each aircraft with a different Simpson character on it.

"Can you check Marge's landing gear ?"

Of course, at first, Garrett’s employees protested, explaining that their Springfield was not THAT Springfield, and they were not so happy about the confusion.

After a while, though, all the maintenance engineers working on those aircraft would designate them by their names and not by their serial numbers anymore.

“Maggie is undergoing interior cleaning”, “Lisa is entering the hangar”… were a few of the strange sentences heard then.

Of course, when delivered to their new owners after refit, the Simpsons had disappeared…