From VIP A310 to spare parts

by | Aug 20, 2018 | Spare parts trading

This is the most demanding project we have handled in 2018 : investing in a VIP-configured A310, flying it to its final recycling destination in Germany and removing all valuable components.

After carefully exploring all the options, we chose to dismantle this aircraft to maximize the return on investment. As beautiful as she may have been in her VIP-configuration, it would have taken a long immobilization to find a potential buyer. This was definitely not the case for her components, from which we could soon evaluate the commercial potential.


How did we handle this project

We started the process at the beginning of 2018 by inspecting the aircraft at the seller’s location and assessing its value. After the deal was finalized with the seller, the aircraft was ferried to Paderborn and placed in the hands of German Aircraft Maintenance with a list of 1800 components to be removed.

After a few weeks, all that was left of the aircraft was the aluminium fuselage. Which will of course be recycled.

Watch the short video by the local news media (in German)

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